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Activities 4 u / Dance 

Ballet: Participants are taught the fundamental exercises and technique through using creative games and story telling to assist learning the suitable steps to their age group or ability. Encouraging imagination, improving posture  and general fitness. Suitable for all age groups

Street Dance: Dancers learn a range of movement styles, combining movement, freestyle and music to create high energy routines whilst developing co-ordination and rhythm.

Tap: Learn to tap dance using the floor as an instrument to create sounds, rhythms, routines to modern music.

Cultural Dance: Dance the different styles and techniques from around the world exploring the array of music and movement to create cultural dance routines and experiences.

Catch the beat for little feet’ Street Dance for nursery age: Participants are introduced to the joy of rhythm and movement whilst learning the latest grooves of the dance style. Suitable from ages 2 years and upwards.

Baby Ballet: Sessions include introducing song and dance to babies and young children, encouraging them to explore movement, creativity and imagination.