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Activities 4 U also provides the following:

Parent and Young People Sessions: Parents and young people have the opportunity to participate together in a unique structured class. Sessions are designed to increase parental relationships and introduce a variety of ways on how to become physically active as a family. Sessions are structured to improve non loco and motor skills, encourage lifelong learning and improve physical literacy.

Breakfast, Lunchtime and After School Club: We offer extra curriculum activities that  encourages physical and creative development in a relaxed atmosphere which includes social inclusion and fundamental skills.

 Physical Education National Curriculum: Activities 4 u can offer support or provide National Curriculum led classes. Ensuring all sessions meet the National Curriculum standards, coaches can adapt the sessions to meet the needs of the learners; this includes ability, disability and special educational needs.

Half Term and Summer Holiday Camps: Combining our passion for physical activity and young people Activity 4 U provides stimulating programmes that engages participants to explore and learn a range of new transferable skills.

Further Opportunities 

  • Sports Leaders and Sports Ambassadors
  • Work Experience
  • Competitive Opportunities
  • Provide pathways for participants that demonstrate exceptional talent
  • C.V  and employability skills
  • Nationally recognized qualifications